Jewellery care

To keep and treasure your Privé Jewellery here are some tips on care

Keep in dry:

Keep your jewellery away from water, lotion, perfume and harsh chemicals to avoid tarnishing. Do not spray perfume or use body lotion; the alcohol content might tarnish the plating.

Last on, first off:

Your Privé Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

You do not want to have your jewellery caught in your beautiful wedding dress! Put on your Privé Jewellery after using hairspray and make up.


It is best to keep your jewellery dry so use a soft cloth to remove moisture, oils, acid and salt that is produced from our skin.

Don’t use jewellery cleaners that are designed for silver or gold as this can be too harsh for our plating.


To keep your jewellery beautiful for years, store it in a dry place, in its original box or in a soft pouch (silk or velvet). It is also best to keep it away from direct light and too much air as this makes metal tarnish.